Less than three weeks from the much-anticipated Barclays Center meeting between Philadelphian Danny Garcia and Ohioan opponent Shawn Porter, who will meet for a Sept. 8 fight for the vacant World Boxing Council welterweight title, the two boxers discussed the upcoming event in a media conference call on Tuesday.

Both boxers gave quotes ranging from insightful to boastful. Here are the highlights:

Battle of contrasting styles

The stark difference between Garcia's conservative approach and Porter's aggressive mind-set is no secret to either boxer.

Porter: "I'm aggressive, I come strong, I come fast, I come hard. Danny is one that's a little bit more patient, finds the shots that he wants and throws them and lands them. On paper, it's a brilliant fight."

Garcia (34-1-0, 20 knockouts) sounded unfazed by Porter's controversial and frequent head-butting in past fights.

Garcia: "I've got to go in there and dictate the pace of the fight and fight my fight. I can't go in there and basically get caught up in his fight. … Me and my father [Angel] have a perfect game plan to get away from the head butts, so we have some tricks up our sleeve."

Porter (28-2-1, 17 KOs) responded that he thought Garcia would have a harder time avoiding an intense, energetic fight — a pace that would presumably favor Porter — than he imagined.

Porter: "It's a psychological thing. When you get in the ring with me, you know what I'm going to bring, and you really have to get yourself going for that. I think a lot of times, guys get caught up with my work rate and my aggression, and they feel like they have to counter that. … When I get going in the ring, I make guys do what I want them to do — that's how I win my fights. I don't know what game plan they have for me, but I do know that I'll be ready for anything."

Differing opinions on Garcia’s last fight

The 30-year-old Garcia is coming off a nine-round knockout of Brandon Rios in February in Las Vegas; Porter leapt into the ring immediately afterward and challenged Garcia to this fight. The two opponents clearly saw that night differently when asked to grade Garcia's performance.

Garcia: "I give myself a 'B.' I was off a year before that fight, so I feel like I knocked off a lot of rust. … Winning by knockout was definitely the goal. I felt like that was the only way to win that fight — by knocking him out — and that made me feel good."

Porter: "Honestly, prior to the knockout, it was a 'C' performance from me. I thought he was not as fast and sharp as I expected him to be. If that's Shawn Porter vs. Brandon Rios, no disrespect to Brandon, but that fight doesn't go nine rounds. … [Danny] found the right punch at the right time, he landed it, he knocked [Brandon] down and I stood up. That was what I needed to see from Danny in order for me to get in the ring and do what I did. If Danny doesn't knock out Brandon, I don't get in the ring, and this fight may or may not be happening right now."

A first knockout?

Although his record includes two prior losses, Porter has never been knocked out. Garcia said he hopes to change that.

Garcia: "If it doesn't go to a scorecard, that would be a great thing — you never want to leave it in the hands of judges. If I go in there and stop him, it would feel great. I've stopped a lot of people for the first time in their career, so it won't be the first or the last time I do that."