Here are some key points that Temple football coach Geoff Collins made during Tuesday's press conference leading up to Saturday's noon opener against Villanova at Lincoln Financial Field.

On injuries

"Two guys who didn't practice much today were [WR] Randle Jones and [OT] Jimmy McHale. We will see throughout the week. It could be a decision hopefully by Frdiay whether those two are going to play or not. And you have known all along it is no secret that [RB] Tyliek Raynor won't play for the first couple of games and I will keep you updated on that."

If McHale — who appeared in 10 games (starting in three) at left tackle last year — isn't able to go, would true freshman Isaac Moore step in?

"Yes. We're excited. He would probably be the first option. Isaac Moore, a true freshman from Sweden. If Jimmy Mac isn't ready to go, Isaac Moore is ready. He has run with the ones most of camp, so we are excited about him, the chemistry is there and Jimmy Mac is his biggest fan which is great. … If [McHale] can't go he will be Isaac Moore's biggest fan and help him along the way, just as he has helped him all preseason. It is a pretty good story if Isaac does get the first play — a true freshman from Sweden getting to play in a big-time college football game against a really good opponent will be a good story."

On where linebacker Chapelle Russell is physically after returning from his second ACL injury:

"He hasn't dropped off at all and might have gotten better. He was out there today doing a great job for us. The number of reps, the play count all those kinds of things we will monitor that but in his mind, he has been ready for three months. But we were not playing Villanova July 14 so (we said) let's make sure we are cautious there. But he is ready he feels great and the guys feel great around him as well."

On redshirt sophomore center Matt Hennessy:

"I have coached some really good football players over my 20-year career; he is arguably as good a center as I have ever seen in college football. I know he is nominated for the Rimington Award and it is well deserved. But who he is as a leader, a teammate, consistency every day, how he approaches his daily life, his leadership all those things and he is a true tough guy."

On his takeaway from last year's Villanova game, which Temple won 16-13 on a last-minute 49-yard field goal:

"That they are really good, really well coached. Schematically, offensively and defensively they give you issues. They are so well coached, have tremendous athletes…"