Freddie Booth-Lloyd

A run stuffer, the 6-foot-1, 330-pound defensive lineman has played in 38 Temple games. In addition, the graduate of Cocoa (Fla.) High School could be used as a short-yardage fullback. He is one of the leaders on a veteran team. He is a redshirt senior.

Question: How much do you bug coach Geoff Collins to put you at fullback?

FBL: (laughs) I say, 'Coach, I have to get the ball sometime.'' He is doing his best to try to get me the ball, and when it is time and hopefully when it is time, I can do my job."

Q: Is the NFL on your radar?

FBL: Yes. I want to play in the NFL. It has been a dream since I was little.

Q: When were you ever little?

FBL: I was always one of the biggest in the group but also one of the fastest in the group. I have always been around people who could run, so instead of being left behind, I had to get around some way.

Q: What about hobbies?

FBL: I collect college sneakers. I collect Michael Jordan sneakers. I love them. I also play video games.

Q: Wait, how many sneakers do you have?

FBL: About 40-45.

Q: Do they all fit?

FBL: Yes, I have been wearing the same size (13) since seventh grade.

Q: Who are your favorite football players?

FBL: Aaron Donald and my favorite of all-time, Warren Sapp.

Q: You played in Temple's 34-10 victory over Navy in 2016 in the American Athletic Conference championship game. What is your recollection?

FBL: It was great. I recorded my first sack that game. So I was really happy. It was one of the best moments I ever had.