Keep in mind that nobody had Cam Newtown on the old radar screen when last season started.

Anyway . . .

* Andrew Luck, Sr. QB, Stanford (5-1): You were expecting maybe Terrelle Pryor?

* Trent Richardson, Jr. RB, Alabama (7-1): Some think he could be better than the Tide's 2009 winner.

* LaMichael James, Jr. RB, Oregon (10-1): Was a finalist last year for team that moves the ball.

* Kellen Moore, Sr. QB, Boise State (12-1): Ditto.

* Landry Jones, Jr. QB, Oklahoma (15-1): As long as Sooners stay in national-title hunt.

* Marcus Lattimore, Soph. RB, South Carolina (18-1): As long as Gamecocks remain best in SEC East.

* Case Keenum, Sr. QB, Houston (20-1): Could put up some insane numbers, but affiliation doesn't help.

* Denard Robinson, Jr. QB, Michigan (25-1): Wolves probably won't win enough, but he is a highlight reel waiting to happen.

* Michael Floyd, Sr. WR, Notre Dame (30-1): As long as he stays out of trouble for a change and Irish have big year.

* Taylor Martinez, Soph. QB, Nebraska (35-1): When he's right, makes things happen for team that could make serious run.

Six more to ponder: Matt Barkley, Jr. QB, Southern Cal; Brandon Weeden, Sr. QB, Oklahoma State; Ryan Tannehill, Sr. QB, Texas A&M; Geno Smith, Jr. QB, West Virginia; Bryant Moniz, Sr. QB, Hawaii; Darron Thomas, Jr. QB, Oregon.