Mike Kern's Potential Fraud Five

Last year we had Texas and Florida. Remember, the key word is potential. And I have to admit the choices seem a lot more of a stretch this time.

Oklahoma - When you're No. 1, only way to go is south. And it's not like Bob Stoops hasn't let it get away from him before.

Stanford - New coach, Heisman favorite. How do you improve on 12-1? The Cardinal should get to 6-0, but closing stretch is treacherous.

Utah - OK, you're in a BCS conference now. Let's see what you've got.

South Carolina - As much as I like the old ball coach, let's see how his guys handle some expectations.

Nebraska - New conference, lofty goals. When you seem poised for national-title run, it only takes one or two hiccups to sour a fan base.

Dishonorable Mention - O-lie-O State, just because. Still trying to figure out how those ineligible guys played in Sugar Bowl.