Delilah knew.

To put Samson off his game, just crop his locks.

Much ado about a 'do?

Or a lesson for the ages?

A philosopher once said, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

And that's just what the Sixers' Samuel Dalembert dared to do last night.

He showed up sporting a mohawk for the playoff game against the Pistons.

The Sixers got trounced, 98-81, putting Detroit up three games to two in the best-of-seven series.

Could it be another case of Delilah's curse at work?

One wonders. After all, consider the "evidence".

Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell sported a frohawk during a playoff game in January 2005.

Yes, the Birds did win the NFC title that day with a decisive win over the Atlanta Falcons. But within two weeks, Mitchell was bidding his teammates adieu after the Eagles lost the Super Bowl.

Mitchell, who had shot his mouth off, demeaning members of New England's defense, had only one catch for 11 yards.

In March 2007, another wild skull stripe caught the eyes of millions, when Sanjaya Malakar sang No Doubt's "Bathwater" on American Idol.

Within three weeks, he was ousted, despite the support of screaming teenyboppers and

Last night, Dalembert scored only 4 points and grabbed only 6 rebounds - a far cry from Friday, when he had 22 points and 16 boards in a big Sixers win.

Something sure seemed to sap this Samson's strength last night.

Tomorrow evening's game at the Wachovia Center is do-or-die time for the Sixers.

One loss, and their playoff dreams are kaput.

You could say they'd be neither hair nor there.

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