WILL BUNCH is experiencing the signs of a person afflicted with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Pretty much everything Trump or his administration has ever said or done is shown in an evil light (not just bad, evil).

I can't possibly describe every out of context statement in his column about Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, better known as Jeff Sessions, to those not afflicted with TDS.

The implication is that Jeff Sessions is somehow a typical old Southern racist, a common mainstream media narrative. But Sessions is old and was a Republican in the 1960s. Think about that, he became a Republican in the 1960s when Democrat George Wallace was publicly stating "segregation forever."

Alabama was a state that did not vote solid Republican until the 1980s. Southern Democrats Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd, Al Gore Sr, were the strongest opponents of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Strom even switched parties after the vote, but the minority of Republicans who opposed the bill did so on constitutional grounds, not racist grounds, as Southern Democrats did.

Being fair is not something Bunch is interested in because I have no doubt he knows the Democratic Party in the South was the party to be in if you opposed the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act or the Fair Housing Act.

I don't expect Bunch to point that the "Jefferson" he refers to Jeff Session as was Jefferson Davis, the Democratic president of the Confederacy (the ones against freeing slaves). He simply ignores history and implies, sometimes directly, that Session is racist because he is a Republican from the South. Therefore, every case he prosecuted and everything he ever said has a racist overtone.

Yes, violent crime is down in New York since the early '90s, but what does that prove? That it needs to get that bad again before any action can be taken? Bunch simply cites stats to argue his view and then name-calls as if they are the only stats that matter. Isn't it Republican Rudolph Giuliani who began the downward spiral?

Put it this way, Sessions is not delusional and he's not racist.

Kevin Metz

Ridley Park, Pa.

Welcome, new museum of the Revolution

I am a museum-oriented person. Besides the classroom, going to a museum is simply the best way for me to learn something, particularly about the past. It is the No. 1 reason I like living so close to the City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia is filled with so many museums, exhibiting artifacts and memorabilia that service in documenting our societies fore comings. Not too many cities in these great United States of America have to offer like what is offered right here in Philly.

So when Signe Wilkerson draws a cartoon like the one published on April 19, I, as an avid People Paper reader, didn't take her drawing so nonchalantly.

Yes, this city is the birthplace of America. It also served as our country's capital during the American Revolutionary War. It is accurate to welcome to Old City Philly's new Museum of the American Revolution.

Wayne E. Williams


Byko on O'Reilly

What Stu Bykofsky wrote about Bill O'Reilly was more like on obituary - lauding a man who is an arrogant womanizer. You don't pay out over $13 million for harassment allegations if there's no truth to them. His column disregarded the women who were offended and made it all all about what a swell guy O'Reilly is.

Gary Dietz

Fox Chase, Pa.