I read with dismay (and some confusion) Wednesday's editorial ("At-large GOP choices") in which I was brusquely described as someone "who ran a lackluster campaign for mayor four years ago."

The fact is, I am running for City Council as an endorsed Republican largely because I have the kind of pro-business pedigree the city desperately needs. As president of the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, I know firsthand that job creation should be the No. 1 priority for any serious candidate. Maybe that's why the selection committee gave me the most votes.

My mayoral candidacy four years ago is largely irrelevant to my current run for Council. Relevant are my positions on lower taxes, public safety, quality-of-life issues, better schools, public-private partnerships, and smaller government. Moreover, unlike some candidates in this race, I have no intention of accepting DROP money. I do intend to work hard and earn the right to represent voters on City Council. Maybe I can even convince The Inquirer Editorial Board that there's more to me than my finishing second in a race for mayor.

Al Taubenberger