Honor vets while we can

As the son of a World War II veteran, and a retired Navy officer, I read with great pleasure the article about the last formal reunion of the remaining members of "Merrill's Marauders," a volunteer band of 2,750 soldiers and officers who marched into a Burmese jungle in 1944 on a secret mission they were not expected to survive ("70th reunion for vets," Saturday).

It is sad to think this could be the last time these courageous men might see each other and even sadder that the members of the greatest generation ever are quickly dwindling.

One day, the last World War II veteran will pass on, and we'll realize that these selfless men and women whose legacy is having rid the world of a tyrant and returning home to build a country, are no longer among us. That will be a tragic day for this country. That is why stories such as this are so important in keeping the memory of what this generation did for our country alive.

A generation such as theirs doesn't come along very often. Let's honor and remember their service while we are still fortunate to have their members with us.

|Joe Eastman, Philadelphia,