CONGRATS to President Obama. He's learned well. No congressional approval, no public notice, no clear strategy other than bombing Gadhafi, as his hero, Ronald Reagan, did. And he's done his teacher, President Bush, proud. Mission accomplished! And, best of all, Obama has now validated the Iraq war.

By saying the Libyan strike was for "humanitarian" reasons, to prevent the slaughter of rebels, he's as much as admitted that the war against Saddam Hussein, who slaughtered thousands of his own Kurdish citizens, was also justified for "humanitarian" reasons.

Now, should we proceed to Syria? Of course. Syria is the leading supporter of terror in the Mideast. America must be like the hand of God, or an avenging angel, that strikes from the heavens, in the form of fighter jets, when mankind's inhumanities to his fellow man are beyond the pale. For, if we do not, then all our power, all our claims of freedom and justice, are a hollow lie.

Stuart Caesar, Philadelphia

Where's your outrage at the Israeli family slaughtered by terrorists? Had an Israeli broken a fingernail of a Muslim, it would've been on the front page. Why so anti-Israel?

Pat Dougherty, Philadelphia

nolead begins

The energy mess

Effective immediately, there will be a temporary ban on planning and construction of nuclear power plants in the U.S., until all the hysteria surrounding the horrific events in Japan have subsided.

After the Gulf disaster (until now), no new offshore licenses were granted, yet our dependence on oil supersedes all environmental concerns we may have. This will remain true for the nuclear power industry as well. As far as solar/wind, you can forget about that because we can't make exorbitant amounts of money on these alternative-energy sources, even though they are totally safe.

Mark Arnold, Dorothy, N.J.