THE STUDENTS you wrote about in "Bad Credits" who felt they were misled by career schools are not alone in their frustrating job search.

Thousands graduating from college are facing debt and can't find work. Part of it is the economy. But career schools are being singled out because by the nature of their name, the expectations for immediate employment are high, regardless of the labor-market reality.

I do appreciate that the Daily News consistently reported that the schools in question tend to be large chains, many accountable to Wall Street investors. But some of us in the career-school sector are not-for-profits, and count on fundraising to survive. We are clear about our job-placement statistics and admit that in this recession it takes longer for our graduates to find work, but 72 percent graduate and 72 percent do find good jobs.

For those who don't have the luxury to borrow for a four-year degree and struggle to complete it, a career school is the best bet for a good job.

Linda Hahn, executive director

Metropolitan Career School/Computer

Technology Institute, Philadelphia

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No thanks, Milton

I missed my stop on the el as I was reading T. Milton Street's letter, specifically,

"We live in a country that believes in a second chance. Just ask disgraced ex-N.Y. Gov. Eliott Spitzer, recovered addict Rush Limbaugh or the amazing Michael Vick."

He forgot to mention "dog-killer" Michael Vick. I would have even been OK with "former dog-killer" - but just like so many people who don't have a lick of compassion for the animals, he only wrote "amazing."

"Amazing" and "Michael Vick" should never be in the same sentence.

Judith Gormley


Letter-writer Joseph Rainey hit the nail on the head. Milton Street, you're no Moses. You're a legend in your own mind. Go back to being a hot-dog vendor.

Mike Betz


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They're mad at Hill

My husband and I grew up in the Fox Chase/Burholme area. My husband has bought your paper faithfully for years, even when we moved to Collegeville five years ago.

But your "Mad as Hill" article has us both seeing red! We come from a family of honorable policemen and women and firefighters who daily put their lives at risk for us and "Professor" Hill. And to question Officer DeCoatsworth's heroism is a disgrace.

That you are making this man a contributing writer to your so-called "news"paper is also a disgrace.

M. Whalen


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Empty calories

Starved for justification, Valley Forge officials attempted to "spin" the deer slaughter at the park by saying that 18,000 pounds of venison were used to feed Pennsylvania's hungry.

Jim Acton, Collegeville