COLUMNIST John Baer's hit piece on Gov. Corbett and Budget Secretary Charles Zogby failed to mention that the state's Marcellus Shale drillers pay the highest net corporate- income tax in the country, that Marcellus Shale is the No. 1 job creator in Pennsylvania and that increased natural-gas production is lowering cost of energy for businesses and homeowners.

He also failed to mention that "green" businesses and the Forgotten Taxpayer both funded the anti-drilling lobbyist, Penn Future.

Bob Guzzardi, Ardmore

nolead begins

Simple bail solution

The solution to the problem of city workers and others skipping out on paying their court fees is simple. The system should have bail bondsmen sitting in court, and when someone has bail set, he'd pay the bondsman the normal 10 percent.

If he then failed to show up for his court date, the bondsman would be required to pay the court the remaining amount of the bail. You can be sure that the bondsman would immediately go after the absconder for the remaining money.

He gets his money, the city gets their money, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Except, probably, the absconder.

William Palmer, Philadelphia