RE BYKO'S column about someone stepping up to give those babies who were murdered a decent burial and some respect:

Will you be keeping the public posted on where to send donations, and if the babies will have the public Mass? I and a lot of other people would love to help out.

It always hits me hard when I hear of an innocent child being murdered or thrown in the trash like a piece of garbage. I always wanted a natural child of my own but could never have one. There are many women out there like me who feel so strongly about this.

Maryann Frame, Delaware County

Why is this doctor being vilified by everyone? What am I missing?

He took babies and killed them the same as "legal" abortion doctors. His methods are no less horrendous, although he may be using a different procedure and his office was filthy.

Women entered his office with a live person in the womb and left it dead. Fifty million are gone already in the same way.

Ray Frattone, Richboro

nolead begins

Cut the military

Unfortunately, much of the discussion of what to cut from the federal budget focuses on programs that help the poor or those who would be poor without them: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schools.

Meanwhile, little attention is paid to military spending, which not only gets most of each income-tax dollar, but which gets extra-budget supplemental funding. Last year, Reps. Barney Frank and Ron Paul got more than 50 members of Congress of both parties to sign a letter supporting cuts (not just decreases of increases!) in military spending.

Stephen M. Gulick, Philadelphia

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What sayest thou, Doc?

I see Johnny Doc on TV and in the papers. But haven't heard from him regarding DROP and our Council members. With all his influence, he can make a difference. What do you say, John, will you help the little people on this one?

Bobby LaVelle, Philadelphia