THE NUTTER administration's controversial decision to remove the word "Christmas" from the Christmas Village sign on Dilworth Plaza is appalling and is further evidence that this administration is paralyzed by political correctness at the expense of common sense.

Make no mistake, Managing Director Richard Negrin didn't make this decision without the mayor's approval. Following the warped logic of this gutless, reactionary decision, perhaps we should remove William Penn from atop City Hall and rename the Ben Franklin Bridge "The Bridge" lest we run the risk of offending people who don't particularly care for Quakerism. And what about the City Hall Christmas tree? Should we start calling it the Holiday Horticulture Display just to be safe? Where does this stupidity end?

All over the world, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Here in Philadelphia, it's beginning to smell a lot like cowardice.

John J. Dougherty

Business Manager

IBEW Local 98

nolead begins

Our phony-baloney laws

The city doesn't really enforce the rules and laws it already has on the books, like the ban on cell phone use while driving, and collecting real-estate taxes and forfeited bail.

So I don't understand why the state Legislature doesn't close the Florida loophole on guns that the city wants. What did they think Philadelphia was going to do if they passed that new law, enforce it?

And the city can save a lot of money by turning off the traffic signals. When they are broken, drivers are more courteous and cautious at the intersections. And who uses crosswalks? Save money on the labor and paint for those lines.

And ditch the signs for No Turn on Red, Speed Limit, No Parking, School Zone or turn-lane arrows. Savings could be used to keep firehouses open, and the city would be safer.

Mayer Krain, Philadelphia