AS THE 2010 campaign nears the finish line, I find the announcement that Rev. Joseph Lowery recorded a plea to elect Democrats distressing.

Though I didn't vote for President Obama, I was somewhat moved by Lowery's heartfelt speech on Inauguration Day.

With all the talk of separation of church and state, the left turns the other cheek when black clergy become campaigners.

Joe Sophy, Atlantic City

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An eye on pet abusers

Never once did Elmer Smith's column mention the benefits a pet-abuser registry could afford to shelters, breeders and others looking to place animals - tens of thousands in the city alone. With an accessible registry, we can prevent pets from falling into the hands of people who'll abuse them.

Tiffany Duffy, Philadelphia

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Must be the hair

I've been wondering for the longest time why Jayson Werth looked so familiar to me. I finally realized that he used to be in the old GEICO commercials! "So easy, even a caveman can do it!"

William Palmer, Philadelphia

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Picking up the check

Do we honestly believe that the students coming out of the city public schools will earn enough to pay enough taxes to fund all of these promised programs? If not them, who?

Ted Lahm, Philadelphia