ILLEGAL immigration is destroying the United States. At a time when so many Americans are out of work and suffering, 8 million jobs lost since 2007, 14.6 million unemployed Americans can't find work.

But 11 million illegals call the U.S. home. The vast majority of illegals are poor and uneducated, competing directly with native-born citizens for entry-level jobs. They drive down wages and gobble up social services.

Lack of enforcement has emboldened illegals with political activism. La Raza-sponsored marches, protests, sit-ins and lawsuits. It amazes me how illegals blatantly break U.S. laws, then demand to have that same legal system protect them.

The borders need to be secured. We have to prosecute the employers and illegal workers evenly. Ban "sanctuary cities" by the threat to withhold federal tax dollars. Repeal the 1965 law that abolished national quotas on immigration in favor of non-European immigrants. Only a limited number of immigrants, the best and brightest, should be admitted.

The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act granting amnesty to 3 million illegals was a disaster. It encouraged the illegal immigration that's a major factor in our massive problem today. The politicians need to listen to the majority of the people who want this very complex and divisive problem fixed. They must find the political will to stop this madness, before it's too late.

John "Johnny Mc" McLaughlin

Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility


The Obama administration won't prosecute the New Black Panthers, or the terrorists who bombed the USS Cole. But they are going to sue Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona. Did I miss something? You can get sued for protecting your city. But if you're a terrorist, the administration will slap your wrist and send you home to devise more ways to kill Americans.

Pat Dougherty, Philadelphia

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Iraq: Too much information

The president is going to stand at the podium with his trusted TelePrompTer and tell Americans that the war in Iraq is over.

We have 50,000 troops left to act as advisers. President Obama will tell the world when they will leave. But the Taliban and al Qaeda are in cahoots with Iran, and when the time comes, Iran will take control of Iraq.

And they'll know when because the president will give them the date.

During his speech, the president will praise himself on the remarkable job he's done. But don't ask about Iraq, because he has some shrimp to order.

George J. Walton, Upper Darby

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'Toons under fire

The Signe cartoon on Glenn Beck in Friday's

Daily News

is appalling.

Glenn Beck is a person of high integrity who's working to try to fix the ills of this nation.

I would rather have someone like Glenn Beck with his integrity than any of the hacks currently working for the city of Philadelphia. It seems every day we are seeing people in high places stealing from the people they are supposed to represent.

Why don't you do a cartoon with Carl Greene, who is still making a salary even though he has shown that he has no integrity or character?

Martin Luther King Jr. and Abe Lincoln would be proud to have Glenn Beck stand up for them and for America - and would be ashamed of Carl Greene.

Susan Brennan, Langhorne

Re the Toon du Jour on Friday's letters page:

The cartoon has two women asking, "They did all this so we could vote for Sarah Palin?" in front of old women's lib pictures.

The answer: They did all that so Sarah Palin had the right to have the chance to be voted for. I'm sure if the women in those pictures saw how Palin and her children have been attacked, with no support from any women's group, simply for being a conservative, they'd be asking themselves why they did all they did.

Keith Callan, Philadelphia

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Endangered license plates

I notice a significant increase in the number of automobiles parked in the otherwise poor neighborhoods of Philadelphia. At the same time, we no longer see the unofficial Philadelphia license plate, the one with the corner cut out. Anyone care to venture a reason for this phenomenon?

Ted Lahm, Philadelphia