HEADLINES, March 28:

"Popular barber shot outside of shop." "4 charged with paralyzing teen."

I assume with a degree of certainty that these were black-on-black crimes. Somebody, anybody, tell me how we - once a proud group of people - have descended into anarchy with hopelessness as our only salvation? How many times have most of us in the black community heard the statement that the white man is evil? If that assumption is so widely held, what do you call the savages committing black-on-black violence and murder?

Let's begin with the excuses: Father was nonexistent (true), mom addicted to drugs (true), I grew up in the hood, it's strictly about survival of the fittest. All of this may be 100 percent true, but when does personal responsibility, respect, morality and tolerance become the essence of how we should live our life? It's so much easier to leave school prematurely and sit around smoking blunts spewing that garbage about maintaining a so-called "lifestyle." Bull!

I am so disgusted with the thought that thugs are literally holding whole communities of decent hardworking people captive in a warlike atmosphere.

We think the police don't care about poor people, yet no one comes forward with information that may lead to arrests. Yes, this can be risky, if not deadly, but you're already in a battle zone. Become active and visible in your neighborhoods or continue in the genocide of black-on-black hatred.

John F. Gardley, Smyrna, Del.

Slavery & the Holocaust

I agree 100 percent with reader Michael B. Harmon when he calls for America to acknowledge the wrong done to African-Americans. Slavery was an affront to everything America valued on paper, and, in its wickedness, destroyed lives and set the stage for continued injustice.

Similary, America abandoned European Jewry to their ultimate catastrophic fate.

Zachary Margolies, Philadelphia

Firm discipline needed

Is it any wonder kids are out of control in the schools? They are handled with kid gloves, the kids have rights. Baloney! What about the rights of teachers and kids who want to learn? Parents are responsible for children's behavior. Far too many do not back the teachers. Set strict standards and stick to them.

Josephine Zirilli, Philadelphia