THE STORY I read about young Leon Harris (

"4 charged with paralyzing teen," March 28

) incensed me. I fashion myself rather liberal and forgiving, but enough is enough.

What happened to this young man is sick and disgusting and unfair and wrong. He sounds like a beautiful young man who was making the world a better place and contributing to society - the direct opposite of the wastes of oxygen who forever scarred and changed his life.

I'm sure the usual tired cliches will be tossed out about how these four criminals came from broken homes, were let down by the system, blah-blah-blah. But I don't give a damn.

There are simple tenets of right, wrong and human decency that any human being should be aware of and respectful to, regardless of what you've been through or subjected to.

Any human being knows that shooting innocent people in the back (let alone robbing them in the first place) is wrong - and those who can't tell that such action is wrong aren't human in the first place.

These four criminals should die.

They should die now, and they should die unquestionably.

They don't deserve to walk the same earth that it appears Leon Harris will unfortunately never be able to walk again. And to be honest, all the sick murderers in this once-great city of ours should die as well.

Seth Goldberg