RE THE rampant violence in Philadelphia:

All this conversation and the rallies about the violence in the city are to be commended, but none of it matters if there isn't a concerted effort on the part of each and every citizen.

When someone gets shot or assaulted, even if there isn't an eyewitness, the neighborhood still knows who the doer is, but nobody's talking. Nobody wants to be known as a snitch.

But innocent people are being maimed and murdered - and nobody's telling.

They want the mayor or the police to work magic and miraculously arrest the right person. They can't without the help of the neighborhood and its citizens who have been violated.

Community participation is a must if this cancer is to be eradicated.

Back in the '70s, when gang wars were claiming our youth, the mothers came forward, took control and stemmed the tide. Now, not only our youth are at stake, our elderly and our babies appear to be targets as well.

Nobody is safe. Nowhere. We citizens can't allow this wholesale slaughter to go unchecked any longer. The hue and cry of colonial times is sorely needed from every one of us. Community involvement AND professional police work together will more than bring about an end to this homicidal plague that has cast itself upon our fair city.

Edward Turner, Philadelphia