THIS CITY government is amazing.

We go from a smoking ban, to regulating cooking oil, putting in traffic cameras and finding out who's who in the lives of the mayoral candidates.

Meanwhile, mother of four (count 'em, four) children is dead in the streets of Philly for nothing. Now that spring is here, will we be allowed to sit out and get some air? How can the kids of this city have a safe summer? Does anybody have answers?

Here's one. You got a kid hangin' on the corner doing no good - snatch him off it. Parents, start taking your kids back. If not, you'll be laying them to rest, or someone who they killed, like the mother of four. God help her children and family to get through this, since no one can step up and say this will be no more.

Maryann Zindell, Philadelphia

On March 22, I attended a legal seminar on gun violence where Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson was one of the panelists.

When he was asked why Philadelphia wouldn't adopt the aggressive policing methods that have succeeded in cutting crime in New York City, his explanation was that 74 percent of those in our state prisons are African-American, even though African-Americans are only 14 percent of Pennsylvania's population.

In other words, we can't take more bad guys off the streets because most of them are African-American.

I know there are people in Philly who feel this way, but it was a bit of a shock to learn the police commissioner is one of them.

How can we ever hope to reduce the

daily bloodshed on our streets until we have a commissioner who cares more about putting criminals away than about the color of their skin?

Michael Kubacki, Philadelphia

You have Mark Wahlberg on your March 23 front page, with a scowl, holding a rifle, from the movie "The Shooter."

We don't need these pictures in our community in any way, shape or form - not on billboards, on posters, on SEPTA buses, and definitely not on the front page of the People Paper. Come on, are you a part of the solution, or a part of the problem?

You should understand by now that we have guns on the brain in Philadelphia.

Please do your part and become a part of the solution.

Pete Jackson, Yeadon