Have you ever seen a Philadelphian's face when an out-of-towner suggests South Street is in South Philly? It is a sight, that's all I'll say. Philly folks hold their neighborhoods near and dear to their hearts, and the details the name, the exact boundaries become tied to that identity. Which brings me to our top story this morning: we want you to tell us where your 'hood ends and what it's called. Let the debate begin. (There's an Eagles loss to talk about, too, but if you want to skip that to preserve your sanity today I wouldn't blame you.)

— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn, morningnewsletter@philly.com)

The Inquirer and Daily News map of Philadelphia.
Jared Whalen
The Inquirer and Daily News map of Philadelphia.

Debating the names and boundaries of Philly neighborhoods is a time-honored tradition.

So, in the 1980s, the Inquirer sought to establish a map the newspaper could use while reporting on the changing city. It took a while, but in 1988 they set a map we still use today well, with a few changes.

But that doesn't mean the debate is over. How did we come up with our map? And, perhaps more importantly, do you agree with it? Explore our interactive map and let us know.

As brick-and-mortar retailers struggle to stay open and suburban malls become ghost towns, there’s one retail experience that seems to be thriving: city-like town centers.

The urban-lite experiences, which combine an open-air mall with the walkability and variety of downtown living, have popped up in suburban hot-spots like King of Prussia and Upper Dublin.

Following their success, experts say bringing the city to the 'burbs is the future of retail.

Yes, the Eagles lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday. Coach Doug Pederson says “self-inflicted wounds” are to blame, though he’s characteristically unapologetic about going for it on fourth-and-4 in the second half.

But, on the bright side, it's looking like quarterback Carson Wentz will be back at the helm next week. Columnist Jeff McLane says the switch couldn't come any sooner.

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September 16, 2018
Signe Wilkinson
September 16, 2018
"He's a good man and deserving of all kinds of accolades but not having a street renamed after him. That should be reserved for those icons amongst us who built the city up not bombed it."
— Columnist Jenice Armstrong on why a Philly street should not be renamed for former Mayor Wilson Goode.

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