Good morning, Philadelphia. Yesterday marked a first for Philly as a march was held to celebrate the city's LGBT people of color — another step for a community that the city admits has long been discriminated against. Despite some roadblocks, medical marijuana patients in Philadelphia will soon have four new dispensaries within city limits and on Wednesday, the location of Center City's first one was announced. During tonight's NFL Draft, a new player could be joining the Eagles' quest for another title and we have plenty of thoughts on who that player might be. There's a lot of ground to cover, so let's get started.

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Deej Johnson (right) and others march around City Hall in Philadelphia’s first Black Pride march.
TIM TAI / Staff Photographer
Deej Johnson (right) and others march around City Hall in Philadelphia’s first Black Pride march.

On Wednesday, chants of "I'm proud of my black skin, I'm proud of my brown skin," rang out in Center City as Philadelphia had its first march to celebrate LGBT people of color. The event marked the beginning of the Philadelphia Black Pride festival.

Philadelphia is still attempting to overcome a legacy of racism in the Gayborhood — a neighborhood that the city admits has dealt with discrimination for decades.

Mayor Kenney addressed the march saying, "You are my brothers and sisters. You are human beings who deserve dignity." Attendees spoke with us about the progress they believe Philly has made in addressing racism in the LGBT community.

Four dispensaries are on the horizon for patients in Philly and all of them are set to open by the fall — a reality that Mayor Kenney believes will "make critical treatments more accessible to patients in need."

Yesterday, it was announced that Center City will get its first dispensary this fall on Sansom Street, but it won't be the city's first. Philly's first dispensary will take root in Fishtown next month and locations will follow in Northeast and South Philadelphia.

If you plan on watching the draft, prepare for a late evening. One downside of winning the Super Bowl — if there is such a thing — is that you select last in the first round. That means the Eagles should be making a pick just minutes before midnight.  

So, who will that lucky player be? I don't know, but I bet one my colleagues does. Reporters Les Bowen, Paul Domowitch, and Jeff McLane have made their predictions and Zach Berman has a look at 10 players to watch out for.

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