It is a solemn day for Americans as we remember and honor the many lives lost on this day 17 years ago. President Trump and his wife Melania will mark the day with a visit to Shanksville, Pa., where hijackers crashed United Flight 93, killing all on board. It's now the site of a 9/11 memorial. In other news, much of the East Coast is on alert as Hurricane Florence makes its way across the ocean. We'll be following its moves closely all week.

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Father of four Michael Casner has seen firsthand the ways local sheriffs are targeting “deadbeat dads.” He was arrested at his Spring City home in the middle of the night for owing $1,323.99 in child support.

The problem is, Casner says, he's not a deadbeat — he has primary custody of three of his kids and had been paying child support for the fourth.

His experience is becoming more common as deputies in our region join overnight raids to capture parents in contempt of court. But experts aren't so sure the sweeps are the best way to address child support debt.

Florence is officially a major Category 4 hurricane and on a probable path to make landfall along the coast of the Carolinas by Friday, where evacuations are already taking place.

It's too soon to tell what it will mean for the southeast, let alone our region. But no matter where Florence lands it's likely to incite storm waves off the New Jersey and Delaware coasts and bring tropical-storm-force winds and heavy rain inland.

If and when rain does come our way, it will be adding to an already record-breaking year for precipitation in Pennsylvania.

Before Julie Hlebik of Norristown was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, she had received $11,500 in college loans. Those loans ballooned to $18,000 a few years later on interest alone as she paid for doctors' visits and chemotherapy.

College students like Hlebik can't discharge education loans in bankruptcy, even if they get sick with a serious illness like cancer. But a new bill working its way through Congress is hoping to change that.

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