The long weekend is unfortunately over. While it's time to get back into our normal routine, I want to take a moment to recap some of the spirit and energy the Made in America festival brought to Philly over Labor Day weekend. The festival itself felt like a big "welcome back" celebration for Philly rapper Meek Mill, who performed his first live performance since his release from prison. As a festival attendee, the turnout for his performance specifically was nothing short of an electrifying celebration of his perseverance, success and nonstop love to this city. Looking forward in the week, we finally know which quarterback will be leading the Eagles onto the field in a much-anticipated rematch against the Falcons this Thursday. Hopefully you have plans made for the big game as the defending champs get ready to make another Super Bowl run this season.

The grave of World War II POW Pvt. Felip Sbotow at Finns Point National Cemetery in Pennsville, New Jersey on Saturday, August 25, 2018. YONG KIM / Staff Photographer
Yong Kim
The grave of World War II POW Pvt. Felip Sbotow at Finns Point National Cemetery in Pennsville, New Jersey on Saturday, August 25, 2018. YONG KIM / Staff Photographer

Finns Point National Cemetery may not be on the list of top cemeteries to visit in the Philadelphia region, but it holds a fascinating piece of World War II history that’s long been forgotten, until our reporter Joseph Gambardello dug into its past.

The cemetery hosts the graves of 13 German prisoners of war who died while being held at Fort Dix. Three of the POWs, however, died all on the same day in 1945, when 154 inmates tried to stage a riot inside the fort weeks after the fighting in Europe has ended.

While riots can happen for a myriad of reasons, this unsuccessful attempt was fueled by the fact that they were all desperately trying to avoid one thing: going back to their native country, Russia.

It’s tough enough for parents to support a child who’s struggling with substance-use disorder. That hardship can be exacerbated if their child is a minor in a state where very few resources exist to provide parents with the help they need to help their child recover and thrive.

In fact, Pennsylvania only has eight treatment facilities that accept adolescents, my colleague Aubrey Whelan found out. Many parents have expressed their frustrations in navigating the treatment system because costs associated with drug treatment are prohibitively expense, especially when insurance coverage runs out and treatment stays are cut off.

As parents struggle to find money to pay these bills, large loads of paperwork, specialized training and high staff turnover mean very few treatment centers can thrive and accommodate parents' needs.

We now know that when the Eagles play the Falcons, Nick Foles will be leading the huddle.

Coach Doug Peterson tried to stay mum as much as he could, saying he didn't want to put his plans out in the open too early before the season started, but everyone kept reading the tea leaves.

In the meantime, the road to recovery for Carson Wentz following his ACL tear continues. My colleague Jeff McLane wrote a thorough timeline on Wentz's comeback, starting 267 days ago when the starter went down against the Rams.

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Rick McKee

Labor Day by Rick McKee

"This Labor Day, we must build a renewed sense of worker power through new forms of organizing and new policy solutions,"
— — Councilwoman
  • History shows that when workers unionize and exercise their voice on the job it transforms the economy and helps protect workers from abuse and discrimination, writes Rick Bloomingdale,  president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.
  • When it comes to "pure socialism" or "pure capitalism," no country can claim having one complete working system, but data sets show that countries that lean toward pure socialism, the worse off their people tend to be, writes Antony Davies, a Duquesne University economics professor and James R. Harrigan, a teacher in the Political Economy and Moral Science department at the University of Arizona.

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  • The rising tension in our current political climate has made some ponder the idea of moving out of the country until things settle down.  Six years after becoming a U.S. citizen, this British immigrant documented her tough decision to return home in the August edition of the New Yorker.
  • This will be the last time we'll see Darren Sproles don an Eagles jersey, and the Athletic wrote a fantastic profile on the speedster's decision to retire from the NFL on his own terms.
  • With November midterm elections only two months away, there's limited time to get people to register to vote. After the low voter turnout in the May primaries, the Philadelphia Citizen found an idea found in the Midwest that Philly may want to adopt to get more people to the polls.
  • During Meek Mill's set at the Made in America festival, the North Philly rapper brought on fellow Philly native Tierra Whack to put her in the limelight. If you haven't heard of this local artist, the prominent music magazine Pitchfork wrote a glowing review, calling her "a true hip-hop original."
HEATHER KHALIFA / Staff Photographer
Heather Khalifa
HEATHER KHALIFA / Staff Photographer

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As the end of summer clouds the moods of Jersey Shore shoobies (“they start to get a little anxious,” one guard said), the Shore’s lifeguards patrol the sand, awaiting the next emergency.