The National Weather Service in Mount Holly says the Philadelphia region and the Jersey Shore should be ready to head for cover throughout the afternoon and night as thunderstorms and possible flooding are expected. Expect much the same Sunday.

"We're kind of expecting more of these heavier showers and thunderstorms to keep developing tonight. It will clear out later this evening,"  said meteorologist Alex Staarmann. "We're kind of expecting this same thing to happen more or less tomorrow."

The office issued flash flood warnings Saturday afternoon after thick bands of rain moved across the region. Staarmann said the warnings would be similar at the Shore: Areas that usually flood may likely do so this weekend.

Shortly before 4 p.m. Saturday, New Jersey Transit issued this announcement about a suspension in service on the River Line:

"River Line service is suspended in both directions between the Walter Rand Transportation Center and the Waterfront Entertainment Complex due to flooding."