Philly Startup Leaders isn't the only entrepreneurial community that didn't exist a few years ago. Independents Hall, better known as IndyHall, was founded in 2007 by Geoff DiMasi, 39, and Alex Hillman, 26.

Situated in Old City, IndyHall is a co-working space and community where members, who include entrepreneurs, small-business owners, graphic designers, writers and game developers, share office space (and plenty of good ideas, too).

"It's more like a clubhouse than an office," says Johnny Bilotta, a founding member. "The more people that are in a space, the more collaboration's going to come out of that."

The space includes 35 desks, wireless Internet, a mega-printer, conference rooms and, of course, a steady supply of Old City Coffee. Membership fees range from $275 a month to $25 a day.

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- Kirstin Lindermayer