Sirena Moore, owner of Elohim Cleaning Contractors, recently created her second brainchild, SirenaSpeaks, a motivational company designed to "encourage, inspire and empower" fellow entrepreneurs.

"I kept winning awards, and I kept being invited to speak," says Moore, who was named 2010's Small Business Person of the Year by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, and SBA's Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

"It started with me just telling my story. People can relate to it," adds Moore, who was 17 and pregnant with twin girls when she began thinking about launching Elohim.

As part of SirenaSpeaks, Moore books speaking engagements, produces a monthly newsletter with information about networking events and funding opportunities, and recently held an all-day business boot camp that included seminars on, as she says, "how to make yourself unforgettable."

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- Kirstin Lindermayer