Winter isn't done with us yet.

The region is under a winter weather advisory as forecasters predicted several inches of snow would fall overnight Sunday into Monday.

This follows the late March storm that dropped 7.6 inches of snow in Philadelphia, the biggest snowfall of the season.

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It's rare – though not unheard of – to get snow in April.

The 1915 blizzard paralyzed the region, with the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer proclaiming: "EASTER BLIZZARD GRIPS ENTIRE EASTERN COAST."

The Philadelphia Inquirer front page on April 4, 1915.
The Philadelphia Inquirer front page on April 4, 1915.

Don't expect that this time around.

Rain was expected to start Sunday night and change over to snow before sunrise Monday. Snow at a rate of an inch an hour could fall in the morning before tapering off around midday, the National Weather Service says. Accumulations are mostly expected on grassy surfaces, rather than roads.

Whatever falls won't stick around for long.

The angle of the sun is much higher in April than in the winter months, meaning that the snow melts fast. Still, several school districts Sunday night already were announcing two-hour delays for Monday.

The one good thing about April snow is it melts very quickly. I remember back in April of 2000 I woke up to five or six…

Posted by Chris Sowers on Friday, March 30, 2018

If you think we're done with snow after Monday, you might be wrong. There's another chance in the forecast next weekend. Hooray!

Staff writer Tony Wood contributed to this article.