The Republican candidate for Montgomery County controller on Tuesday denied that video clips of a deposition by Democrat Diane B. Morgan were appearing in his campaign ads.

"I've never used the deposition in any campaign ad, and I never intended to use the deposition in a campaign ad, and any statement to the contrary is inaccurate," said Stewart Greenleaf Jr., who is challenging Morgan in the Nov. 8 general election.

Greenleaf was responding to a claim made in court Monday by Morgan's lawyer, Samuel C. Stretton.

"That's wonderful he's saying that, but that's not what we've been told," Stretton said on Tuesday. He said the information had come from Barry Miller, the county solicitor.

"If Mr. Greenleaf says they are not, we're glad that he's not going to take it out of context and use it. That shows he's running a high-minded campaign," Stretton said.

Morgan is suing the county and its commissioners, alleging that they have prevented her from doing her job by blocking funding for updated computer software and additional auditors.

At a hearing Monday before Senior Court Judge Calvin S. Drayer Jr., Stretton alleged that video clips were about to appear in Greenleaf's campaign ads.

"We've been told that the Republicans have picked it up and are making video ads of her," Stretton said. Miller did not challenge that statement in court.

Greenleaf admitted Tuesday that he had obtained the deposition.

"I secured it myself as a resident of Montgomery County. I have a right and obligation to hear what she had to say," Greenleaf said.

At the hearing, Drayer ruled that Miller could depose Morgan a second time, but that the deposition could not be videotaped or made public.

In a news conference following the hearing, Morgan invited Greenleaf to join her in the lawsuit. Greenleaf said Tuesday he "absolutely [would] not."

"I don't agree with her allegations that she is unable to perform the functions of the Controller's Office with the resources she's been given," he said.

Further, he called the funds being spent to litigate Morgan's suit against the county a "waste of taxpayer money."

Morgan said that every elected row officer has money allocated annually to pay for legal advice. The controller's share is $18,034, which she said covered all filings and litigation.

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