HARRISBURG - Quick, which governor is allowed to take home the most dough?

New York's Andrew Cuomo? California's Jerry Brown?

Nope. If there were a Forbes list for highest salaries approved for chief executives of states, Gov. Corbett would top it.

With a salary set by law at $183,255, Corbett is the best-paid governor, according to a survey completed by the California Citizens Compensation Commission and reported Monday by the Los Angeles Times.

Top officials' salaries are set by statute in Pennsylvania and fluctuate according to the consumer price index, not the fiscal condition of the state.

But the California survey did not take into account the fact that Corbett, like his predecessor, Ed Rendell, has declined to accept annual cost-of-living increases.

"First, the salary is set by statute, and it is not his actual salary," Corbett spokesman Eric Shirk said Tuesday. "Gov. Corbett accepts the salary - $174,914 - that he made when he took office in 2011."

That leaves him sixth in the nation, behind the governors of New York ($179,000), Illinois and Michigan (both $177,000), and Virginia and New Jersey (both $175,000).

California's Brown, whose pay is determined by the commission, made $173,200 last year and will see a cut of $8,000 this year because of state budget woes, the Times said.

Shirk also pointed out that Corbett's cabinet has similarly declined to take cost-of-living increases.

Corbett is nowhere near the highest-paid state employee in Pennsylvania - not even in the top 100, according to a list compiled by the Harrisburg Patriot-News that ranked him 190th, behind presidents of state universities, doctors at state hospitals, and justices of the state Supreme Court.

The California panel also looked at pay for legislators and found Pennsylvania's was the second highest, with a base salary of $83,026.

And who are the best compensated legislators in the land? Why, California's, who will cash paychecks totaling $95,201 this year.

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