Pennsylvania State Rep. Margo Davidson has been charged with driving and crashing a taxpayer-funded car while her license was suspended not once, but twice, in the last month.

On Thursday, the Pennsylvania State Police released more details about the first accident: In a press release, law enforcement officials said Davidson was the perpetrator in a "hit-and-run" crash.

On Jan. 11, Davidson was driving on Interstate 476 in Radnor Township, where traffic was at a standstill. The Delaware County Democrat did not stop in time and rear-ended another vehicle, which was being driven by a New Jersey woman, police said.

Authorities said Davidson then "left the scene prior to the arrival of the troopers and failed to provide all of the required documents at the scene of a crash."

Officials charged Davidson with four summary offenses in connection with the January crash. She was cited with driving with a suspended license as well as failing to notify police of the accident, drive a vehicle at safe speed, and give information and render aid.

No injures were reported at the scene of the January accident, police said.

Earlier this month, Davidson was involved in another crash in a state vehicle. On Feb. 2, she was cited for driving with a suspended license and entering traffic unsafely, or without giving an appropriate signal.

Davidson said previously that, contrary to a police report, the February crash was not her fault. She also said she plans to plead not guilty to driving with a suspended license.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Davidson did not respond to repeated requests for comment about the January accident.