Mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz sat down with Solomon Jones on 900AM-WURD a few weeks back to discuss where he stands on key issues in this election.

The three biggest issues facing Philadelphia are education, poverty, and jobs, according to mayoral candidate Lynne Abraham in a radio interview last week.

Speaking with Solomon Jones on 900AM-WURD, the former district attorney also addressed her age, calling her 74 years an advantage that provides a "wealth of experience" as she runs for mayor.

When asked about the biggest issue of this election in the Feb. 26 interview, Abraham said education, poverty, and employment all tie together.

“The mayor does have a bully pulpit and the mayor has clout,” Abraham said in response to what the mayor can do towards the education effort. “Going to Harrisburg and insisting that we get our allotment is appropriate and even legal action can be appropriate to force the state to spend a fair share of the budget that they take in on education.” (Listen for that quote at the 5:12 mark).

Abraham also addressed the issue of gentrification, saying that while bringing people into the city is "essential to our future," consequences can emerge as some groups get "squeezed out." She mentioned the Longtime Owner Occupants Program (LOOP) and a 20-year tax abatement plan as ways to address this issue.

To hear more about her views on Gov. Tom Wolf's death penalty moratorium, employment for those with a criminal record, and what she plans to do as mayor, listen to the full interview here.

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