Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Mayor Kenney has announced that he will ask the Philadelphia Art Commission to review what the city should do with the monument. Who is on the commission?...
Now it's showing its gratitude for big paychecks by turning its back on its responsibilities.
Competition has hit the city's taxi industry hard. Fewer fares mean less money for the cab companies to pay the Parking Authority.

Issues: Shaping the 2015 race

The city came to an agreement with Conrail last month to fence and clean up the property. A contract calls for work to start by July 31 but Conrail initially...
About 80 percent of the fleet needs some kind of work and four pools, including Bridesburg, need a total overhaul. The department puts the estimated cost...
Talson Solutions LLC, a minority-owned business, will work to connect minority, female and disabled business owners with professional support services...
There have been reports of bad behavior - people urinating on lawns, having sex in public, and trying to swim in a neighbor's pool.
Small convenience stores, delis, or gas stations with liquor licenses often operate outside of the law, which requires that they sell food and have enough...
The new compactors, fitted with foot pedals, will be provided free to the city in exchange for advertising rights.
The planned five-story building would replace the agency's Center City location. It will occupy about 136,000 square feet on a triangular site.
Here's a look at what concerns Philadelphians.
This snapshot shows what issues you've told us you think the candidates should address.
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