Contrary to political convention lore, strip clubs close to the Democratic National Convention said business has been normal this week or even slow, perhaps as a result of traffic jams. "It's killing us," said a man who answered the phone at Club Risque in South Philadelphia.

But one place where business is booming: Tinder. The proximity based dating (or, if you prefer, hook-up) site crunched the numbers at our request and reports that Tinder use is up 54 percent in Philadelphia compared to last week.

That's a lot -- but not as much as in Cleveland, where usage increased 82 percent during the Republican National Convention.

Some options include: "I need someone to show me the best, and maybe second and third best" cheesesteaks, from a Canadian cinematographer; a conventioneer looking for "the best old fashioned in town"; and a photographer interested in "hot dates, you running your fingers through my hair, city fun, showers, wifi, electrical outlets, convention credentials, air conditioning." What an offer.