The body of a teenager who drowned off Atlantic City last week as he tried to save the life of a friend was found Thursday morning, authorities said.

Ramon Quinn's body was spotted by a person walking on the beach just past 9 a.m. at Morris Avenue, according to the city police department.

Quinn, 15, and Kaliyah Hand, 16, went under after struggling in surf during an outing with friends on June 15. Hand's body was found Monday morning on a Margate beach.

Earlier, fog and choppy waters forced crews on Friday to call off the search for Hand, of Atlantic City, and Quinn, of Pleasantville, N.J.

Family members said Quinn tried to save Hand as she was pulled from the shore by a rip current, a funnel of rapidly seaward-moving water with speeds up to 8 feet per second that results from the interactions of waves, currents, and surf conditions. He, too, was swept away in the rough waters, police said.

"That little guy was a hero. He will always be a hero in my book. It's a tragedy," Hand's father, Dirk Spence, told the Atlantic City Press.

Quinn was selfless, said his stepfather, Will Black of Atlantic City.

"He risked his life to save a young girl. That's the kind of person he is," Black said.