At least one dog, three cats and 13 people have been exposed to rabies after a kitten found last week in Medford Township tested positive for the fatal virus.

The kitten, found in the area of Eaves Mill Road, Route 541 and Route 70, was submitted for testing Friday, officials with the Burlington County Health Department said.

Those already identified as having come into contact with the animal have been advised to receive treatment, but officials are concerned more may have been exposed.

Health department personnel on Wednesday visited residents of the affected area to alert them of the outbreak and to remind them to check the status of pets' rabies vaccinations.

Residents are also advised to refrain from feeding stray cats and to avoid all wild animals, especially bats, skunks, foxes, cats and raccoon.

The rabies virus is spread when the saliva of an infected animal touches broken skin, open wounds or the lining of the mouth, nose or eyes.

Anyone in the area who has been scratched or bitten by a wild or stray animal within the past month is asked to contact the Burlington County Health Department.

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