A Superior Court judge rejected a Camden police union's request for a preliminary injunction to halt the creation of a county-run force that would displace the city police department.

The new force currently is slated to patrol only the city, and the Camden Fraternal Order of Police argued that the county and the city could not legally establish a county-run force that would patrol only a single municipality.

In denying the injuction, Judge F.J. Fernandez-Vina did not rule Tuesday on the union's argument that the county and city's plan to lay off city officers - slated for April 30 - and create the new force violated shared-services requirements because a shared service agreement is not yet in place.

County officials said the new force provides a countywide public safety service and that other county services, including a regional sewerage system and health services, also started with one town and did not require a shared-services agreement.