A Delaware County man mistakenly released from jail in August is back behind bars after being apprehended in Wilmington on Friday, police said.

David Wilson, also known as David West, 19, of Chester, was taken into custody without incident at 6 a.m. and now faces additional charges for his unauthorized furlough, according to Lt. Joseph Blackburn of the Delaware County Sheriff's Department.

Wilson waived extradition at a Friday morning hearing in Delaware and, after a court hearing in Media, was immediately returned to the Thornbury Township jail. He has been charged with failure to appear for sentencing and is scheduled for a court hearing on the new charges in January.

Wilson, who was awaiting sentencing on firearms charges, had been missing since early August, when a paperwork error at the Delaware County jail set him free.

The Sheriff's Department learned Wilson might be in Wilmington and contacted police there, who obtained a search warrant for a house on Fulton Street, Blackburn said. He said he did not know what Wilson did during the four months he was at large.

Wilson is one of at least six prisoners at the George Hill Correctional Facility in Thornbury Township accidentally released this year through paperwork errors or confusion over inmates' identities. Officials have acknowledged widespread problems with procedures and paperwork.

The county prison has been operated by the private Community Education Centers Inc. of New Jersey since January 2009.

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