State Rep. Dwight Evans announced yesterday that he will introduce legislation on two key subjects he will face if he wins this year's election to become mayor of Philadelphia.

Evans, a Democrat, said he would resubmit a bill that would allow Philadelphia to set its own campaign-finance laws. The bill would end legal wrangling over whether or not the city's efforts to restrict political money violate the state's constitution. Evans said that if he had his druthers, there would be public financing of city campaigns.

A second Evans measure would give the state Public Utility Commission the power to take over the cash-strapped Philadelphia Gas Works. He said that PGW's woes perpetually put the city's overall finances at risk.

Evans announced his plans outside the office building that houses the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, which oversees city finances. He said he chose the location to show that "I'm not going to wait until I become mayor" to focus on city problems. The office building is also one block from Evans' campaign office. - Michael Currie Schaffer

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