Hackers reprogrammed a contractor's I-95 warning sign in Delaware County to flash a vulgar message about the county Sunday, to the alarm of some residents and amusement of others.

Early in the morning motorists called police to report the offensive message and county workers fixed the sign near the Ridley Park exit. But after the workers left, hackers reprogrammed it again, forcing the county work team to turn it to face a sound barrier wall along the highway – where it continued to flash into the night. Crews are still trying to determine how the sign was hacked.

"I think it's hilarious and they should get better security for those for people not to hack into them," said Cassy Rokicka to Channel 6 Action News.

Others took a more somber view of the hacking. Mike Kines, of Essington, told the station it was "freedom of speech, I guess."