Homicide detectives are investigating the death of a person found early Saturday by a sanitation worker in the city's Bridesburg neighborhood.

The charred body was discovered by a worker of the Quick Way Transfer Station, by East Orthodox and Hedley Streets, near Delaware Avenue, shortly before 5:15 a.m.

According to a homicide supervisor, the sanitation worker first thought he saw burning trash on the ground, but then  realized it was a burning body.

Police said in a preliminary statement that it appeared the body belonged to a man, who was shot several times, then set on fire, and burned beyond recognition. The fire was put out by sanitation staff.

Police said the motive for the slaying was not known and did not have a suspect. Sanitation workers saw a sedan fleeing the area, but no description was provided of the car or any occupant.

About eight fired cartridge casings were found around the body, police said.

No one was in the office of the Quick Way Transfer Station, at 2960 East Orthodox St., later Saturday morning. A man who answered the phone for the company said he wasn't around when the body was found. He contended the body was not found on the company's property and directed a reporter toward a back lot, off of Hedley Street.

Workers spoken to on Saturday morning at the waste-management plant and at another nearby waste-and-recycling facility did not know the exact location where the body was found.

Police said the body was taken to the Medical Examiner's Office. No further details were immediately available.