After talking about the "gorgeous" weather - "it's 75 and sunny, like Kathie Lee Gifford" - David Letterman last night continued to slip in more lines about the Pennsylvania primary.

"This just in," he said on his CBS show. "Barack Obama was cleaning out his campaign headquarters in Pennsylvania after the primary there, and he found a buried Ralph Nader jersey."

(If you're scratching your head, it's an inside-baseball "that's why he lost" joke, based on the infamous Red Sox jersey buried at Yankee Stadium to jinx the Bronx Bombers.)

"Now Hillary has the big comeback win in Pennsylvania. Getting a little cocky. Big mistake, getting a little cocky. She is now saying that that if she gets that 3 a.m. phone call, she is going to let it go to voice mail."

Letterman also continued his "kind of guy" jokes about Republican nominee-apparent John McCain, such as: "He looks like a guy who goes to the grocery store and yells at the bag boy, 'Put the eggs on top. Hey, Junior, p-p-put the eggs on top, Junior!'

"Philadelphia even got a mention on his list of "Top Ten Signs Hillary Is Exhausted":

No. 5: "Greeted Philadelphia voters with, "It's great to be back in Tacoma!" (Which was sort of lame, considering Hillary Clinton left town after celebrating on Wednesday.)

Other answers:

No. 9: "Barely has enough energy to lie about battling Bosnian snipers."

No. 4: "Mismatching her pantsuits -- man, she must be exhausted!"

No. 3: "When asked how she'd fight terrorism, she said two words: 'Iron Man' "

No. 1: "So tired, she actually crawled into bed with Bill."

Wednesday night, Letterman cracked that after Clinton's "big victory ... she went crazy at the celebration. Did you see what she did? She downed a shot and fired a gun into the air. It was crazy."

That brought prolonged applause.

He also complained about the primaries "dragging on and on. ... But the Democrats are trying to put a good face on this. They are confident, they say now, absolutely they will have a nominee by McCain's second year in office."

Jay Leno that night also took some jabs at the candidates on NBC's Tonight Show.

Clinton "was thrilled during the victory celebration," he said. "Here's how happy she was: She even let Bill bring a date."

He also mentioned that "all three presidential candidates made appearances on WWE's Monday Night Raw."

He polled the audience: "How many think having candidates on a wrestling show cheapens the political process?"

Loud applause.

Then he asked: "How many think the wrestling show was cheapened by having the candidates on?"

Even louder applause.

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