If City Council is any indication of the upcoming Democrat presidential primary fight, it's going to be darn close.

As of today, 12 of the 14 Democrats on Council had chosen a side - and it was dead even: six for Hillary Clinton and six for Barack Obama.

Three council members are actually running as Clinton delegates: Blondell Reynolds Brown, Maria Quinones Sanchez and Marian Tasco. None are on the ballot for Obama.

At least two Councilmembers who had been with Clinton previously, Jannie L. Blackwell and Donna Reed Miller, say they are now behind Obama. Miller said she was inundated with Obama calls from young supporters. "We value what they say," said Miller.

Council President Anna C. Verna and Majority Whip Darrell Clarke have not yet chosen sides - nor do they seem to relish the prospect.

Here's the breakdown:

Clinton: Blondell Reynolds Brown, Frank DiCicco, William Greenlee, Joan Krajewski, Maria Quinones Sanchez and Marian Tasco.

Obama: Jannie Blackwell, Wilson Goode Jr., Bill Green, Curtis Jones Jr., Jim Kenney and Donna Reed Miller.

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