A video released by SEPTA on Sunday shows youths pummeling at least two people in a subway stop brawl last week.

Along with the video of the fight in the Race and Vine Street stop on the Broad Street Line, the transit authority released stills of eight people involved in the melee.

The melee began about 3:45 p.m. Thursday among a group of teenagers and apparently started with a snowball fight on the street, SEPTA authorities said, before moving to the station's mezzanine level. The video shows teenagers fighting among themselves, while some kicked and punched two men curled up on the floor of the station. SEPTA has spoken with three victims of the fight so far, authorities said.

SEPTA is referring to the youths in the video as combatants, not suspects, and is seeking to interview them about the events leading to the fight before making decisions on criminal charges. It also is asking any victims who may have not yet come forward to contact SEPTA at 215-580-8111.