I've revised downward the amount of snowfall accumulation the Philadelphia region is looking at overnight Sunday into Monday, with the possibility rain could alter the forecast.

The storm gathering from the Southwest should hit and intensify along the East Coast, but it's looking as if it won't be as bad as originally forecast.

We're looking at a coating of snow in South Jersey, approaching the I-95 corridor. In Philly, not much more. I'll be revising as the storm approaches. The biggest challenge is nailing how much, and when, it will change to rain.

In Philadelphia, flurries and some snow should start about 7 p.m. before changing to sleet and a brief period of freezing rain through about 1 a.m. Monday, where it will shift to all rain.

Areas northwest of the Blue route and north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike could see 2-3 inches of snow before the changeover to freezing rain, which could extend through the morning commute.

Here's a timeline of expected snow and freezing rain, through Monday.

Here's what happened overnight from Friday into Saturday morning that changed things:

Models shifted north with the storm track, meaning milder air should punch through the I-95 corridor, keeping Philly, South Jersey and Delaware mainly liquid, with heavy rains overnight Sunday into Monday morning and a change back to snow before ending later Monday. Highs on Monday could reach into the upper 30s, meaning melting is in store.

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