A Southwest Philadelphia man has been convicted of raping and trying to kill his ex-girlfriend last year, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office said Tuesday.

On Oct. 17, Tyree Morris, 41, restrained and raped his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend at gunpoint in the home they shared on the 7400 block of Buist Avenue and threatened to shoot her 9-year-old son if she resisted, prosecutors said.

The woman eventually broke free and ran out of the house, but Morris followed her onto the street, firing seven shots at her. When he caught her, he tried to fire an eighth shot but was out of ammunition, so he choked her until she lost consciousness, prosecutors said.

Defense attorney Robert Mozenter said Tuesday that his client, who testified in his own defense, denied raping, choking, or shooting at the woman, who was not hit by any bullets. He said the woman's son was asleep at the time and did not see any of the alleged assault.

Morris and the woman were still living together in the house even though they had ended their relationship, both sides said. Cameron Kline, a spokesman for the District Attorney's Office, said Morris and the woman had separate bedrooms.

A Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury Friday convicted Morris, rejecting the defense's assertion that he had only pushed the woman.

Morris is to be sentenced Dec. 2 before Judge Glenn Bronson. He faces prison sentences of up to 127 years, prosecutors said.

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