If the notion of Milton Street, the outrageously outspoken, recently indicted, one-time duck-boat entrepreneur running for office seems a bit wacky, you're either new to town or just a little young.

There was a day when Milton, just as outrageously outspoken, not only ran for office but also won twice and became a pivotal figure in state politics. Here's a short course on Milton Street, politician:

* 1978 -After years of activism on behalf of street vendors and rowhouse squatters, Milton is elected state representative from North Philadelphia's 181st District.

* 1980 - Milton is elected state senator. Within weeks, he becomes a Republican, giving the GOP control of the state Senate, earning Milton great committee assignments and ticking off every Democratic pol in the city.

* 1982 - Milton unsuccessfully challenges U.S. Rep Bill Gray in one of the nastiest elections in memory. He calls Gray "an Uncle Tom and a house n----  . . . controlled by white people."

* 1984 - Milton loses his Senate seat to welfare-rights activist Roxanne Jones, who has the backing of Mayor Wilson Goode and other Democrats seeking revenge for Milton's party-switch.

* 1989 - In need of work, Milton gets a Republican patronage job as a deputy budget director of Traffic Court. He gets fired the following year because of unpaid traffic tickets.

* 1993-2006 - While his brother John is City Council president and then mayor, Milton neither runs for office nor gets public employment. But he pursues several business ventures involving city contracts or regulation. He makes $1 million as a consultant to a contractor at the airport, and is eventually indicted on corruption and tax-evasion charges.

* 2006 - Milton files to run for state representative against veteran Philadelphia Democrat Frank Oliver, but is tossed off the ballot when a judge rules he lives in New Jersey.

* Yesterday - Milton announces he's running for mayor. *