Anyone upset that Philadelphia's Democratic City Committee is supporting party chairman U.S. Rep. Bob Brady for mayor without a formal endorsement vote has just two more days to complain.

The party's 69 ward leaders will gather Friday to consider candidates in the mayor's race, and Brady is, well, a heavy favorite.

"This will be an endorsement meeting," Brady said yesterday, "and we'll call all the mayoral candidates to come and speak."

Last week two mayoral candidates, state Rep. Dwight Evans and Tom Knox, complained in a letter to Brady that the city committee had written a $20,000 check to Brady's campaign fund and that the party headquarters on Walnut Street was festooned with "Brady for Mayor" posters.

The letter asked Brady to resign his party post while running for mayor, saying his influence over the party machinery was unfair advantage.

"I took the signs down and some people [in the party] got a little upset at that," Brady said.

"The executive board of the party decided to call a meeting for this Friday," Brady said. "They were concerned about what's been in the papers [about the party's support for Brady], and there was some interest in the fact that I'm not the endorsed candidate."

Brady said last week that he had no role in the decision to write the $20,000 check from the party to his campaign. It's unclear who had made that decision.

Brady said that on Friday, mayoral candidates will be invited to address the party's seven-member policy committee, which then will make a recommendation to the party's ward leaders in a meeting following the policy-committee gathering.

The endorsement meeting comes early in the election cycle; candidates can't legally file nominating papers until March.

But Brady noted that his race isn't the only one in which party leaders are ready to act. He said ward leaders in Councilwoman Anna Verna's district have already met and voted to endorse her for re-election. *