How did last year's "21 on the Spot" do? As always, it was a very mixed bag:

Christopher Baker: Retired Marine disciplinarian has kept Olney High out of the news . . . a good thing.

Romona Riscoe Benson: African-American Museum head is winning kudos for trimming deficits, bringing back jazz.

Bobby Convey: Philly-bred soccer star didn't bring home World Cup for U.S., but impressed coaches and won major playing time.

Diane Edbril: Gun-control advocate didn't win major reform in 2006, but rising Philly murder rate keeps issue on front burner.

Linda Foley: National Newspaper Guild head fell short in partnership to buy Philly papers, then saw union members hit with layoffs.

Jose Garces: Much-praised trendy Amada chef is looking to open two more Philadelphia eateries in 2007.

Tom Heckert: Eagles' personnel chief drafted big Broderick Bunkley in the first round, and he turned into big bust.

Gagandeep "Gagan" Lakhmna and Harbir Singh: Hip Philly condo developers are facing a bursting real-estate bubble.

Rev. Herb Lusk: Conservative black minister from North Philly expanded GOP ties, only to see GOP lose power.

Dan McQuade: Philadelphia Will Do blogger is still happily skewering the city's media and political buffoons.

Patrick Murphy: Democratic Iraq vet won a stunning upset in Bucks County congressional race, is now a freshman in Congress.

Alec Ounsworth: His band, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, is becoming increasingly popular -- despite that cumbersome name.

Maria Quinones-Sanchez: Shunned by ward bosses, she's likely to challenge new Lower Northeast council member Dan Savage in May.

David Lee Roth: Bad news: His radio show was a total bomb. Good news: He's back with Van Halen.

Rick Santorum: You may have heard he's no longer in the Senate. Look for him on Fox News Channel.

Zack Stalberg: Former DN editor still railing at corrupt pols from Committee of 70 perch.

Lynn Swann: Ex-Steeler ran a credible race for governor, but was lost in the Democratic tidal wave of 2006.

Seth Williams: City inspector general still looking toward next district attorney's race in 2009.

Celeste Zappala: Mother of slain Iraqi vet saw growing support for her anti-war protests.

Christine Zukowski: Philly figure skating sensation placed 6th at U.S. nationals, not good enough for Olympics. *