When John Jackey Worman learned there was a warrant out for his arrest, authorities said, he fled.

The Delaware County man, who authorities say is involved in the "most horrific case" of child exploitation they have seen, became a fugitive for a week to 10 days last winter.

When authorities finally caught up with him at an airport hotel, they found a computer hard drive in his car with pornographic images and smashed CDs, a prosecutor said.

After his arrest in February 2006, he was held on state charges for 11 months.

Last week, Worman was charged federally with producing and possessing child phonography after police recovered 1.2 million images from his computers and hard drives, including 11,000 video clips. At his 2006 arrest, he was charged with sexually assaulting children as young as 3 months of age.

"So far all the evidence shows that he was manufacturing the videos for himself and no one else," Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle T. Rotella said.

Also charged last week were Concetta Jackson, 44, of Collingdale, and Dorothy Prawdzik, 43, of Drexel Hill.

According to a government filing yesterday, Worman, 39, paid Jackson to advertise her babysitting service. He then took control of infant girls she brought into her home. Worman also lived at the same address in Collingdale.

"Jackson has confessed that she allowed Worman to install the video camera in the bathroom in exchange for him paying the rent," Rotella said.

Worman secretly hid cameras in the bathroom and taped himself engaged in sex acts with the children, prosecutors said.

In a filing on Monday, prosecutors said that Prawdzik engaged in a sexual encounter that involved a 39-year-old man and a 10-year-old girl.

Prawdzik also is alleged to have positioned children in front of a camera and directed them to undress and expose their genitals.

Prosecutors have asked the court to revoke the bail of both women, who will appear before U.S. District Judge Lawrence F. Stengel tomorrow.

Worman is also expected in federal court tomorrow.

S. Lee Ruslander, a West Chester lawyer, was appointed by the courts to defend Worman, who is being held without bail in a federal jail.

In a phone interview yesterday, Ruslander said he had not yet met his client.

According to court records, Woman has been arrested at least seven times dating back to 1985.

He was convicted of five offenses which included receiving stolen property, possession of an instrument of crime, driving under the influence and criminal trespass.

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